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Prefabricated housing has long been seen as a temporary and low-budget option reserved for portable school classrooms – but the tides are turning as global demand for modular structures continues to grow. Prefabrication has many benefits garnering recognition in the industry, with design and production flexibility that can increase project efficiency from conception through to completion.

Faster. Fabrication of separate panels or ‘modules’ can occur alongside other on-site preparations before being transported either whole or in parts to the site for quick assembly. Labour hours and time spent on-site is drastically reduced, as is the turn-around for occupants having to find alternative accommodation during construction.

Economical. The reduction in labour and time required on-site naturally leads to significant cost-savings. Prefabrication also allows for wet-trades to be minimised or eliminated entirely, along with costly follow-on services.

High-Quality. Far from the stigma of second-rate, budget buildings,  prefabrication is highly suitable for architect design, particularly the modern trends of minimalistic clean lines and open spaces. Using a modular base also allows for a design flexibility that can tailor projects to a vast range of shape and size configurations.

Good for People. Prefabrication is finding applications both as stylish, architecturally-led designs, but also as a practical solution for housing crises around the world. The fast and economical installation of modular construction is being used to provide affordable, hassle-free properties for low-income families or those in need.

Good for the Planet. Not only does prefabrication address humanitarian issues, it is a considerably more environmentally friendly process than its on-site counterpart. The shortened assembly time leads to less disruption of the surrounding natural environment as well as a significant reduction in on-site waste.


Timber Imagineering have joined forces with Onkor – a leading Australian housing initiative borne from architectural firm ABP Professionals – to help construct their signature design: ‘CORE’ modules. The factory-built CORE module solution comes with complete kitchen, bathroom, ensuite and laundry fit-outs; wrapped and delivered to site in minimal time. The initiative is set to revolutionise and add value to development projects by offering a building system that significantly reduces construction time and cost.

Onkor’s CORE design is a leader in the modular housing revolution, with countless benefits that make the prefabricated trend hard to ignore.  As the modules are manufactured off-site, the process can occur simultaneously to the other site preparations and allow for an improved efficiency over productivity and project management. A number of CORE modules can be built for a single project and then held in our factory, securely sealed and stored until required on site.  Every project is catered to each client’s specific requirements, without losing any design flexibility or finished product quality to their stick-build counterparts.

The risks for weather delays and theft are eliminated, supervisor time can be more efficiently utilised, as can supply of trades and material travelling to a single factory location. The need for many follow-on trades and services are also removed, as our team installs insulation, plumbing, electrics, water-proofing, plastering, appliances and more – completing all finishes and fittings to deliver complete, ready-to-use CORE modules to site.

With Timber Imagineering’s  extensive knowledge and experience in prefabricated timber construction and Onkor’s architectural design expertise, the partnership can deliver home owners and building contractors with innovative, modular projects built to tight, factory-controlled standards and catered to each client’s unique design specifications.

Check out the gallery below for photos of Timber Imagineering’s & Onkor’s Modular Housing

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