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The Swinburne University Factory of the Future is an award-winning timber dome structure fabricated and erected by Timber Imagineering. As the focal point of innovative design and technology at the University, the dome represents the future of construction through its complex and detailed design.


The main challenge was creating the complex geometry with advanced 3D software and CNC capabilities, then pre-assembling the structure in the shop before sending to site. The curved LVL ribs were extracted from the 3D drawings and cut on the CNC, while the compound curved plywood panels were made on custom jigs in the shop.


The combination of a mezzanine structure and open concept meant the structure had to support the floor through the LVL ribs and stress-skin plywood panels. Timber Imagineering helped with the challenging structural design and detailing, and turned the complex conceptual drawings into a reality through analysis, modeling, pre-fabrication and erection.


A  challenge on many fronts, the Factory of the Future boldly demonstrate the ability of what we can achieve with timber and offers a glimpse to the future of timber design and fabrication.


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